"Karen, thank you again for the relief I'm feeling after our distance healing session.  For three weeks prior to speaking with you, I had endured disabling discomfort and cramping in my abdominal area (mysterious because it was unrelated to diet or other known factors).  My intuition said whatever was going on in my "gut" could be released by working with "the right" QT practitioner.  After seeing your photo online, reading your website and speaking with you by phone, I felt a high level of trust in your skill and sincerity.  We set up an appointment for that day.  All during the session, even though you were physically hundreds of miles away, I could feel you, right there, moving energy while my body finally allowed itself to let go of the tension that had gripped it for all those weeks.  After the session you and I shared details which reinforced how connected we were during the hour of Quantum Touch.  During and immediately after our session I felt up to 70% relief!  And for the next three days the relaxed state of well-being increased until there were no remaining symptoms.  It's fantastic to have energy and productivity restored so quickly and easily.  I want everyone to understand two things:  1.) distance healing works as effectively as in-person with Quantum Touch and 2.) Karen Ethridge is sincerely and joyfully committed to her clients' well-being." - CS
"Several years ago in 2015, I had a severe work-related accident from a defective ladder.  My foot was nearly severed.  I was rushed to the hospital and the trauma surgeon on call told me it was very bad, like I had stepped on a land mine.  It's something they called a Pilon fracture.  He performed emergency surgery and I was bound to a wheelchair and my foot was held on by an external fixator.  Six months later, he was still not very optimistic about saving my foot.  A friend found out I might have an amputation and drove me six hours to see Karen, who performed Quantum-Touch® therapy (a method of energy healing).  I was a little sceptical, but I went along with the process.  After the session, she said she could continue the process, even from a distance.  In physics, quantum activity actually occurs over distance.  Anyway, to make a long story short, it is 2018, almost three years since my accident, and I am walking without a limp,and can actually run up stairways.  I have been out of a wheelchair for about six months now.  I never needed crutches or a cane.  The healing is still taking place, but my bad days are fewer than ever.  I was lucky to have an excellent surgeon, but I also believe that Karen's amazing therapy facilitated the healing process in ways that impressed his entire staff.  Quantum healing (energy therapy) works, and I truly believe as I write this sitting barefoot, that I would have a prosthesis if I hadn't have allowed Karen to perform her therapy.  I am hesitant to use the word "miracle", but I do believe that's what happened."
Chris P, April 12, 2018
  I am an RN and try very hard to live a healthy lifestyle:  I eat very healthy, and exercise regularly.  The one thing that was sabotaging my quest to enhance this lifestyle was my life long bad habit  of snacking…..particularly in the evening hours.  My snacking had nothing to do with physiological hunger, and the snacks were anything but healthy: potato chips, cookies, candy, corn chips….you get the idea.  I had tried countless times to curb this inclination.  I would do well for about a week, then gradually lose my resolve and revert back to the same old routine. 
    Dieting was not an option for me as I had tried all kinds of diets over the years.  They all work in the short term, but just don’t address the issue of long standing bad habits.  I needed something that would get to the heart of the problem—something that would stimulate my motivation to stay with it for the long term.
    I had read a lot about hypnotherapy and thought that this approach, engaging the subconscious mind, might be 

just the boost I needed to strengthen my resolve and conquer this “addiction”. 
   I found the hypnotherapy sessions with Karen to be exceedingly relaxing.  All the suggestions and affirmations were right in tune with my desire to promote healthy living.  It was all so positive.
    Initially I had days here and there where I would struggle, but after the three sessions, I can honestly say that those days are few and far between.  I am so much more acutely aware of everything I put in my body.  My desire for “junk” food has just about dissipated.
    Although weight loss was not my primary goal, after three months, I have lost 15 pounds almost effortlessly.  The only thing that had changed was the elimination of the ‘snack attacks’.  I found that hypnosis gave me that inner strength to stick with it.  Junk food has no appeal to me anymore. 

    I will continue to use hypnosis for this purpose.  Temptations are everywhere and I believe a booster to my subconscious mind from time to time will help keep me on track.
Thank you, Karen!!!
Hi Karen!~
   This past week has been much MUCH easier. :) I still think about smoking because my hubster smokes, but I definitely see smoking in a whole new light. To my core, I don't want to smoke and so I won't smoke. I understand that when something that looks like a nicotine urge surfaces in me, in reality, this urge is probably a signal that I need to eat, or sleep, or something like that! It's amazing how much smoking can dull a person; how easy it is to replace basic human needs with smoking (in an attempt to avoid caring for one's self!). 
I thank you a ton for working so compassionately with me Karen. Your techniques for the hypnosis and the QT, are so thorough and so reassuring, that I didn't have to worry about a single thing throughout this entire process. Probably for the first time, I was able to just let go and let you help me, and I can't thank you enough for that. Your steady guidance and gentle leadership, coupled with my resolve to quit smoking, has helped me to quit a 20 year smoking habit in only three sessions. Incredible! :)
    Again, I thank you tremendously Karen. You have helped to turn my whole life around! :)
Very Sincerely~ Jen
The reason I sought out treatment was because of the
heavy, nagging feeling I had in my chest.  It felt
like an elephant was sitting on me.  I felt completely
distracted during the day by the nagging in my chest.
All of my thoughts and energy were absorbed by the
"pull" in my chest.  This feeling would often cause me
to not truly enjoy my daily activities or even special
activities with others. 
During my treatment, I felt a tremendous relief within
seconds...to the point of not being able to speak.  I
was completely bewildered!  In just seconds, the
"heavy, nagging" feeling was leaving my body.  I
wanted to completely rid my body of the negative
feeling in my chest.
I think I had the strongest relief and long-lasting
effects from Quantum Touch.  I still can remember the
feeling of the force that left my body.  I was
completely relieved.  The heavy feeling was gone.  The
nagging was gone.  The pull was gone.  My body was
relaxed.  But even more importantly, my chest felt
"opened."  Physically, I could take in more air...like
my lung capacity expanded.  My breaths were deep and
cleansing.  It almost tickled to breath.  Also, I had
clarity.  It was like I was seeing things for the
first time.  The colors around me were brillant.  I
remember driving home that night and I stopped in the
country to look at the stars.  I could barely take in
it's awesomeness...(is that a word).  I felt like the
universe was there for only me.  I could see and feel
it all.  I stood alone in the country and it filled
me.  I let it fill me.  It's energy...I don't ever
remember the sky ever being that brillant before.
The day after treatment, I realized that people were
attracted to me (to my energy).  A number of people
spoke to me in Wal-Mart and even started
conversations.  Complete strangers.  I also noticed
people looking at me.  I also giggled a lot for no
apparent reason.  It was as if joy over-whelmed my
body.  I was happy, joyful, relaxed and peaceful.
The effects of my treatment lasted approximately 6

                          SMOKING CESSATION WITH HYPNOSIS 
I had been a smoker for 20+ years. When I decided to quit this time I really did want to quit but I was obsessed with thinking about not smoking, almost to the point of not being able to carry on a conversation. I decided to try hypnosis. I had heard that it could help. I was a little skeptical; after all I had been trying all kinds of things and still couldn't stop thinking about smoking. Karen and I talked about what was important to me and why I wanted to quit. The process was very calm and relaxing. I felt secure in her abilities and her professionalism is the best. It still took effort on my part to quit altogether, it's not a miracle cure, but I truly believe that doing the hypnosis with Karen made this the most bearable that it could be. I am now smoke free!!! 6 weeks. I have gone days now without even thinking about a cigarette and after years of enjoying smoking I know I will not smoke again.